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Over the last 15 years, I have received referrals from teachers, mentors, co-workers and managers. Below is a list of my most current LinkedIn recommendations, which can also be viewed at linkedin.com/in/heathercfoster.

Jenni Wiltz, Award-winning author, copywriter,
and general word sorceress

Jenni WiltzHeather is one of the best managers I've ever worked with. Her skill set encompasses far more than management, however. She has the ability to plan and execute top-level projects and campaigns from their "big picture" inception to the tiniest details of execution. Design is her specialty, and her work speaks for itself in its effectiveness and elegance. As a manager, she was fantastic to work for.

She understands so much about fields as varied as SEO, design, copywriting, and direct marketing. It makes her an invaluable member of any creative team. One of the things I appreciated most about working with Heather was her focus on training. She took the time to create twice-monthly training sessions for her team in Adobe Creative Suite programs, giving us the benefit of her knowledge and experience.

May 6, 2014, Jenni reported to Heather at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc
Matthew Lockhart, Videographer at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc

Matthew LockhartHeather was a fantastic manager. She is organized, punctual, and detail oriented. She knew how to keep the entire team on task in order to meet deadlines. Heather is particularly skilled in graphic design for both print and digital media, but is knowledgeable in many other facets of marketing, including web and social media.

May 6, 2014, Matthew reported to Heather at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc

Stevan George, Student at San Jose State University

Heather was a great manager that was able to balance getting projects done and teaching at the same time. I worked under Heather for ten months and learned so much about marketing and graphic design in such a short amount of time. 

She is a fantastic individual that was always happy and ready to help with any questions I had relating to projects. Heather made a conscious effort to get to know everyone on her team personally, while making herself approachable and available at any time. She was constantly calm and collected during any stressful time, and was able to manager effectively during these times as well. 

Heather is a very detail oriented and creative person, and has a keen eye when it comes to graphic design and web development. I enjoyed working with Heather very much and would definitely recommend her as a Manager.

May 21, 2014, Stevan reported to Heather at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc

Nic West, Brokerage Director at Pinney Insurance

Nic WestHeather is extremely detail oriented in managing a major project by breaking it up into easier to manage pieces. She is great at managing a team of design talent as well as working closely with programmers. Heather has a great eye for design and can often interpret your thoughts into something far more visually appealing and effective.

June 17, 2014, Nic worked with Heather at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc


Annie Liu, Student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Annie LiuIf you're looking for someone who has an eye for detail, is excellent at following up, and is consistently organized no matter the circumstances, look no further; Heather embodies all of those traits in her work ethic. 

I worked with Heather as a marketing intern, and she did a fantastic job of keeping track of the various tasks that I and other team members were working on. In addition, she is a talented graphic designer, with extensive experience in both print and web media. I really enjoyed working with Heather, and she will continue to inspire and motivate anyone that she collaborates with in the future.

May 14, 2014, Annie reported to Heather at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc

Nick Towery, Advertising Operations Specialist at Pinger

Nick ToweryHeather was brought on about a year into my employment at Pinney Insurance, and she quickly became one of the most valuable resources at our company for many other departments and team members who wanted to utilize her skills within and beyond the marketing department. 

Heather's organizational skills are unparalleled -- during my employment, she completed several complex overhauls of our digital file system and extensive print materials that we had accrued. These projects were done in a timely manner, and she increased efficiency in our department, as we spent much less time looking for old documents and projects. 

Heather is also a very talented graphic designer. Much of the knowledge that I use at my current job, such as skills in Adobe InDesign and vector art, was knowledge that I learned from watching and working with Heather. She also has extensive knowledge of the beginning-to-end process for print materials, and showed our team the best practices to use for complex color management in programs such as InDesign and Photoshop in order to attain the best possible color and quality for our marketing materials. Heather was even was able to utilize local resources to complete our print projects on-time and within budget. 

Heather was an essential part of our team, and thrived in the interactive, high-communication, projected-oriented environment that is essential for any successful department, and she will continue to do so in all of her future endeavors.

May 6, 2014, Nick worked directly with Heather at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc

Kyler Gronner, Marketing Intern at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc

Kyler GronnerI worked directly under Heather for a little over six months. At the time I began working for her, she was the Lead Website Designer and the Marketing Manager. I appreciated working for her because she was incredibly organized and used a collaborative management style. 

Despite working the equivalent of two jobs, Heather excelled at managing heavy workloads. She kept a personal to-do-list (with a sort of triage method), and when she was promoted to Marketing Manager, she requested that everyone in the office create a personal schedule as well. The marketing department as a whole also created a list. The office benefited from the resulting increase in productivity. 

As manager Heather respected the opinions of her employees. She held regular one-on-one meetings with everyone in the office, and was easy to get along with. I felt comfortable that she would help fix any problems I had within the office. Regarding her approach to solving problems, she favored group collaborations, but she knew when to step up and make the hard decisions. 

Many of her other recommendations attest to her work ethic, initiative, and creativity. She has those in heaps.

April 27, 2014, Kyler reported to Heather at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc

Jonathan Milligan, Student at Sierra College

Jonathan MilliganHeather Foster is wonderful manager who makes sure that if a job is started, that it is followed through until the end. I had the pleasure of working under her for one year, and it was the one of the most inspiring and motivational experiences in my life. 

She was very driven to accomplish her goals in the company and help move our marketing team forward into the harsh world of SEO. Heather was very thorough when it came to researching a strategy and learned all the "dos" and "do nots". 

It was her direction that helped expand our team to the largest it has ever been, as well as the most productive. I recommend Heather in the highest regard as a Manager and Colleague.less

April 24, 2014, Jonathan reported to Heather at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc

Dianne Nielsen, P&C Operations Manager - ISU Francis-Pinney Ins Srv

Dianne NielsenHeather Foster has worked for Pinney Insurance Company for the past 3 ½ years managing the marketing department, although it seemed she wore many hats. She produced excellent products for the needs of the company. Working with several divisions with various needs, she always provided the support that was needed to complete a project. She is a great resource when an idea needs to be transformed. 

If you are looked for a detailed, multi task type of individual that enjoys every aspect of what they do, I would recommend Heather Foster. 

Dianne Nielsen 
Property & Casualty 
Operations Mangerless

May 6, 2014, Dianne worked with Heather at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc

Pam Peterson, Vice President at Folsom Lake Ford

Pam PetersonHeather designed several projects for our non-profit fundraising events. The finished products were very creative and attractive. It was fun to plan projects with Heather. She is very knowledgable and pleasing to work with. Heather is to notch in her field.

April 28, 2014, Pam was Heather's client

Tom Bone, Risk Insurance Advisor at ISU Insurance Services

Tom BoneI continue to be amazed at how Heather is so consistently creative, energetic, resourceful, knowledgeable and respectful in every project or task that she is involved. 

Heather also has a "large" view of business, strategies and management skills that are most unique for any person, but especially for a manager her age. 

She is enjoyable work with and I am always confident that she will over deliver on any request made of her.

April 24, 2014, Tom worked with Heather at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc

Jon Pinney, SEO Consultant & Musician

Jon PinneyI hired Heather to be our graphic designer over two years ago. Since that time I have been continuously impressed by her work, her work ethic, her timeliness, her ability to create order from chaos, and her always positive demeanor. It's been a pleasure working with her and seeing how she dives enthusiastically into every project no matter the size or scope.

June 29, 2012, Jon was Heather's client

Ryan Pinney, Vice President, Brokerage Sales at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc

Ryan PinneyHeather has a great eye for detail and an excellent work ethic, two traits that make her an outstanding graphic artist and employee. Heather routinely works on huge projects with short deadlines and never fails to impress me with the results. I am grateful she works for Pinney Insurance and can't speak highly enough of her and her talents. Thanks for all you do!

October 21, 2011, Ryan managed Heather indirectly at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc

R. Scott Marcoux, Insurance & Financial Services Professional

Heather is dedicated. I have been impressed with her ability to keep so many people happy at one time and not let the quality of her work suffer. She is a real asset to Pinney Insurance Center, Inc. Thanks for all your help Heather.

September 1, 2011, R. Scott was with another company when working
with Heather at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc

Markham Anderson, Senior web programmer and project manager

Markham AndersonHeather is great on follow-through and is detail-oriented, traits I value but which I rarely find in creative types. She follows up with superiors and subordinates alike and treats everyone gently.

August 11, 2011, Markham worked directly with Heather at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc

Nancy Pinney, Director of Operations at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc.

Nancy PinneyHeather is excellent at follow through and provides an excellent product. I have been able to rely on Heather to organize and complete projects for me, and deal with partners in a highly competent manner. It is a pleasure to work with Heather.

August 10, 2011, Nancy managed Heather indirectly at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc

Nicole Ward, CLU, Regional Vice President at Legal & General America

Nicole Ward, CLUA creative and professional graphic designer with a very easy going personality describes Heather. I have worked with her for several years and she has created some spectacular print and web designs for my direct marketing division. There have been times when I had no idea what direction to go in and she presented multiple ideas to help. Heather is a tremendous asset to us.

August 10, 2011, Nicole managed Heather indirectly at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc

Mike Woods, Agency Underwriter Pinney Insurance

Mike WoodsI've had the opportunity to work with Heather on several document design pieces and have always found her to be most helpful, efficient, and willing and ready to listen to what my concerns and objectives were on the project. Timeliness was key in a couple of those instances, and she was always able to meet my deadlines, and usually came through sooner than I'd hoped for. Very professional and top-notch work!

August 10, 2011, Mike worked with Heather at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc

Mary Helen Fein, Owner, Parallax Design Group and Internet Consultant

Heather is a wonderful website designer and developer. She has a great sense of aesthetics and is a terrific graphic designer. She also has excellent technical skills. She is very responsible and always delivers on time. Heather has very high standards, and she will go above and beyond what most people will do to make a project successful. I have worked with Heather on various projects and it is always a pleasure. She is a good communicator so I always felt informed and in the loop on every project. I highly recommend Heather Foster's as a person and as a website developer.less

April 23, 2014, Mary Helen worked directly with Heather at Eloquence Web & Graphic Design

Michelle Sanderson, CMT, Certified Massage Therapist at Michelle Sanderson, CMT

Michelle Sanderson, CMTHeather has always created vibrant and eye catching flyers to promote my Women's Breast Health class. I rely on her ability design informative, yet elegant copy. She is innovative and highly professional. Heather always delivers work on time, as promised and at a fair price. She is my 'go-to' graphic designer and I recommend you use her, also!

April 7, 2011, Michelle was Heather's client

Jim Black, Owner at Kei Window Cleaning

Jim BlackHeather is very easy to work with. She takes care of my needs so quick whenever I email her with a new job. I don't personally know what other professionals in the field charge because I've never worked with anyone else. Although, her fees seem to be reasonable. I know her Husband also and have hired him in the past in his field. They are both professionals and are personally sweet people to do business with.less

April 7, 2011, Jim was Heather's client

Diana Lytal, Realtor at Intero Real Estate Services, Pride Properties

Diana LytalI hired Heather to help me create my new business card. She had many great idea and
has the resources to make your vision come to life. 

The results were beautiful! I highly recommend her services (and do to all my agents!)
to anyone that is looking for a high quality, knowledgable and creative partner!

June 14, 2009, Diana was Heather's client

Sally Elder, Owner at Sally Alane Photography

Heather provided an outstanding product. She listened to my vision for my business and designed a website that reflected that image perfectly. She created a site that stands out from the rest. I couldn't be more happy!

April 10, 2009, Sally was Heather's client

Megan DeVivo, Realtor at David Lyng Real Estate

Megan DeVivoHeather's products are AMAZING!

March 22, 2009, Megan was Heather's client

Ben Mavy, Financial Industry Shakerupper

Ben MavyHeather did a great job for me and for an organization I work closely with. 

My logo was done quickly, profesionally, and as requested. A website she designed
for our local chamber of commerce was superb and timely.

March 19, 2009, Ben was Heather's client

Jim McAfee, Owner, Image Awareness Wellness Institute

Heather is the most brilliant and talented graphic artist and web designer I have ever run across.
Her understanding of web design and graphic arts is unsurpassed. She is a genius and has
impressed everyone I have told about her.

March 19, 2009, Jim was Heather's client

Carolyn Indreboe, CEO at Dutycalc Data Systems, Inc.

Carolyn IndreboeHeather took us on as a client over two years ago. Thinking she was just going to create a new website for our latest endeavor, which she did and did beyond our expectations, Heather took over our last web managers post in keeping our main company's website up-to-date. Not only does she maintain our sites but does so in a professional and expeditious fashion. We would recommend Heather and her company, Eloquence Web & Graphic Design to anyone who' s
looking for high quality, top shelf web and graphic design assistance. 

Carolyn Indreboe 
Dutycalc Data Systems 
Colfax, CA

March 19, 2009, Carolyn was Heather's client

Michele Tuggle, Owner/Designer of MPrint Studios

Michele TuggleHeather has been an asset to my design company when I have web projects that I can't handle. She knows what she's doing and the results are great. I can count on her to transform my designs into working, wonderful web pages!

March 19, 2009, Michele was Heather's client

Karla Tilley, Life Coach at Life Coaching

Heather is absolutely amazing to work with. This is my second time using Heather and being equally impressed and satisfied. She was interested, able to learn and helped articulate my vision and highlight what I have to offer. I knew what I wanted to say but didn't know how to organize it. She cleaned up my writing, had great suggestions, was generous with her time. Heather also assured me we could do more down if/when I was ready to grow the site to help me manage my budget. She just really went the extra mile to give me a web design I love and have gotten tons of compliments on!! 
Check it out for yourself...Life Coaching: www.karlatilley.com and my prior business, a payroll company:

Karla Tilley 
Auburn, CA

March 19, 2009, Karla was Heather's client

Sietske Rauwendaal, VP at Rauwendaal Extrusion Engineering, Inc

We highly recommend Heather Foster and her company Eloquence Web & Graphic Design. Heather Foster designed our website and logo for us. We had initially contacted her because she was local and we prefer giving our business to local companies. She came to our office to discuss what needed to be done. She was very professional and proved to be very capable graphics and web designer. She listened to our needs and designed our website according to what we told her about what appeals to the customers we work with. 
We are very pleased with the end result. Part of our website has to change twice a year and Heather set it up so that I can easily do this myself and helped me get started with the software so I can do this myself. She is thorough in following through the times we still need her input. 

Chris and Sietske Rauwendaal – please check out our website www.rauwendaal.comless

March 19, 2009, Sietske was Heather's client

Calpay, Supervisor at California Payroll Concepts

Heather does great work with web design. She has creative ideas and delivers an excellent final product. Heather is friendly and efficient. I would highly recommend her work!

March 19, 2009, Calpay was Heather's client

Chris McKee, CNC, Certified Nutritionist and Diet Counselor

Chris McKee, CNCHeather has done a couple jobs for our team and we have always been impressed with her creativity and the excellent job that she does. I highly recommend her! 

Chris McKee

March 18, 2009, Chris was Heather's client





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