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Trusted Quote
MS Walk Campaign

2013 | | by Heather Foster
Manager, Trusted Quote @ Pinney Insurance Center, Inc.

Working as Manager of the Marketing Team at Pinney Insurance, we liked to support our internal employees! In this circumstance, we were supporting our co-worker, Jerilyn Beasly, who suffers with MS, by walking with her at the MS Walk in Folsom.

To prepare, I designed the t-shirts, buttons, & promo materials for the event, including flyers, and updating the graphics with my Web Designer for the company website. I also worked with my 2 copywriters to prepare press releases, e-mails that I designed announcing our participation, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, etc), & so much more.

I also worked with my videographer, Matt Lockhart, and interns to prepare videos for this event, which can be seen below:
1. MS Walk, Folsom CA 2013
2. MS Walk Teaser: Interview with Jerilyn

This is just a small sample of the print materials & campaign projects that I participated in and managed at Pinney.


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