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10 Ways Financial Advisors Can Use LinkedIn for Social Selling E-Book

by Heather Foster & Jenni Wiltz for Pinney Insurance

This e-Book was designed using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. I also used Photoshop for some of the pictures within the e-Book.

Jenni Wiltz, a copywriter under my direction at Pinney Insurance, put the entire book together in Microsoft Word, and then handed it off to me for type-setting and design.

We advertised it in a graphic banner form on the Pinney Insurance website, and then linked it up to an e-mail form to sign up for the FREE e-book. Once signed up, it automatically sent the registrant to a download page on the website (via StreamSend's e-mail system and my custom HTML), and then automatically sent them a copy to their e-mail as well, along with adding them to future e-mailings of e-Books that were similar.

This was a very successful way to obtain new contacts on our e-mail list. We also advertised it on social media.

Click here or the image to view the e-Book.


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