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Trusted Quote E-mails

by Heather Foster for Trusted Quote

Once a week, we would send out an HTML e-mail to our list of 130,000 that we generated from our quotes form on our TrustedQuote.com and WholesaleInsurance.net websites.

Each e-mail would be designed around that month's focus topic or holiday campaign. In this case, it was Romance Awareness Month. I worked with the Direct Sales Managers to come up with themes for each week / month, and then with the copywriters on what the subjects of the e-mail and content should be.

Based on click reports, we would try & test different subjects for better open rates, and learned to target specific audiences based on what they were interested in. For now, we just blasted out e-mails to everyone, but the goal was to eventually build our own e-mail system (like Hubspot) where we could send out personalized e-mail campaigns that were "auto-triggered" based on what a person clicked & viewed on our website.

This is just one sample of hundreds of e-mails I created for Pinney Insurance, Trusted Quote, EZLife Sales, Pinney Platforms, DataRaptor and WholesaleInsurance.net while working at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc.

For each e-mail, there was a landing page created by my web designer, social media that went out to target the campaign, press releases depending on the importance and keywords of the campaign, blog articles written by my writers about the campaign, and internal e-mail signatures sent out to the insurance agents to use to market the campaign! Each of the e-mails and landing pages contained tracking "UID" codes that would let us know in our "CLU" system where that person came from, so that our Direct Sales Manager would know where the leads came from.


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