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How Much Is Your Mom Worth?

WholesaleInsurance.net | by Heather Foster & Markham Anderson

After creating a Mother's Day infographic, I thought it might be fun to come up with a calculator to calculate how much your mom is worth, using the statistics we had generated for the infographic. The point was to drive traffic to our website, and create something fun they could share with their friends via social media.

So, I created a script that I then handed off to our programmer, Markham Anderson, who then turned it into a calculator ap on Facebook. It was a challenge for us both, but lots of fun!

Markham also is a very talented illustrator, and drew the illustrations using a pencil & notebook that I then turned into illustrated graphics using Adobe Illustrator.

Click here or the thumbnail to view the calculator!

For more Mother's Day related materials that I created with my team, click here: http://www.wholesaleinsurance.net/campaigns/mothers-day


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