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The Harlem Shake - Life Insurance Edition

2/15/2013 | With Trusted Quote | by Heather Foster
Almost at 4,000 views!

What can I say, I like to have fun! And so do the employees I surround myself with. One of the members in the Marketing team and our Brokerage Director, Nic West, thought it would be fun to get some traffic to Trusted Quote by participating in the viral video madness of the Harlem Shake!

So, we put this little video together. And yes, the lady in the helmet is none other than -- ME! All of the fun & silly little props were actually my daughter, Kaelynn's. Thanks to her for sharing her toys with the Pinney clan!

Click here or the thumbnail to view the video! Major props to my videographer, Matt Lockhart, for the filming.


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